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TD3 Standard
TD3 Standard

TD3 Standard

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NOTE: Fasteners have switched to Torx drive as detailed in the Blog

Trench Digger 3: the most reliable, set it and forget plate bindings on the market.  The standard model shown here uses the classic toe clip and heel bail interface.

Features include:

- Adjustable lift/cant options to accommodate personal preferences in setup

- Adjustable levels of stiffness via different stiffness E-Rings

- Bomb-proof, made in America durability.

For boot sole length 260 and under, (for Raichle/Deeluxe and Head boots, this is a 22) you will need to follow these instructions. The largest the binding will accomodate is a sole length of 313 (approx mondo 29). If you are a mondo 29 or larger, or your boot length is longer than a 313,  we have a long base plate as an option.  All you need to do is make note of such in the comments section when checking out.


If you are using this on a Boiler Plate (or any plate system) and would like the lower version of the cant disk, center disk, and e-ring choose the BP version. If you are not using a plate system, choose the Traditional Version.  The BP version was not designed to be used without a plate system. Mounting it directly onto a board is done at your own risk and not recommended by Bomber.


What's the difference?

Helpful Binding Articles

Traditional or BP - What's the difference?

For help in selecting E-Rings, go here.

For help in selecting cant disks, go here.

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