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TD3 Sidewinder Standard
TD3 Sidewinder Standard

TD3 Sidewinder Standard

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Select your base plate color

NOTE: Fasteners have switched to Torx drive as detailed in the Blog

Why pick Sidewinders?

For many years the thinking was "Stiffer is Better."  While that may be true for a lot of people, those who want controlled flex in their bindings were SOL.  With the sidewinder's lateral play and vibration absorption, those that want more flex now have it!

Other then the special sole block assemblies the TD3 Sidewinder has all same function and adjustments found on the TD3 binding and is now available in both Standard (shown here) and Step In versions. The binding comes with either Medium (Blue) or Soft (Yellow) E-pads. It also comes with Bomber's traditional 3 year warranty.

Features include:

- Adjustable lift/cant options to accommodate personal preferences in setup

- Adjustable levels of stiffness via different stiffness E-Rings

- Bomb-proof, made in America durability.


How does the TD3 Sidewinder work?

Features and Benefits

The Sidewinder uses a two piece sole block assembly with a precision pivot and bearing that allows it to “roll” side to side. The motion is controlled with the use of Urethane pads we call “E-Pads” that are inserted in between the upper and lower Sole Blocks. You can control the amount of movement in the Sidewinder by using different density e-pads. Not only does the system give you side to side motion, but the e-pads also dampens that motion. NOTE:  The SW SI has fixed e-pads on the heel piece. 

SW weight with 3-3 plus e-rings and screws is 4.5 pounds (2.2 kg). 

TD3 bindings function properly ONLY with DIN standard snowboard hard boots.

For boot sole length 260 and under, (for Raichle/Deeluxe and Head boots, this is a 22) you will need to follow these instructions. The largest is a sole length of 332 (approx. mondo 31).  If you have larger boots, we have a long base plate as an option.  All you need to do is make note of such in the comments section when checking out.

If you are using this on a Boiler Plate (or any plate system) and would like the lower version of the cant disk, center disk, and e-ring choose the BP version. If you are not using a plate system, choose the Traditional Version.  The BP version was not designed to be used without a plate system. Mounting it directly onto a board is done at your own risk and not recommended by Bomber.
What's the difference?

Extra Thick E-Ring: 7mm total thickness versus 2.5mm of TD2. An amazing amount of absorption and movement of the binding may now be achieved.

Hard Stops on Bails: No more floppy bails or springs to worry about. All bails have hard stops to keep the bails in their “cocked” position. This includes the Toe Bail for the standard binding - keeping it in a “ready” position to make manual entry a breeze.

Hardened Steel Step-In Receiver: No more galled up aluminum step-in receivers that seem to attract snow and ice. The new steel receiver makes for super smooth step-in action and incredible wear resistance. We also added an “Ice Buster” lock-bracket to hold the receiver down that incorporates a sharp ridge to facilitate snow and ice removal from the bottom of the heel.

Through Shaft Design on Bails: No more shoulder bolts, the TD3 uses a one piece through shaft to connect the lugs/bail assembly to the binding. Simple, strong, and on line with the Trench Digger's reputation for set-and-forget reliability. We also still maintained the Micro-Adjustable of the lugs if needed for fine tuning the boot fit.

New Base Plate Design: the new Base Plate for the TD3 has the center section removed allowing you to access the Center Disk for ease of removal and installation of the entire binding. Need to remove the binding for waxing or travel? No problem, back off the 4 screws and good to go. No more need to disassemble the entire binding.

Super Low Profile Toe Clip: The new TD3 toe clip has the lowest profile on the front of the boot of any toe clip out there. We designed the new toe clip around all current day modern snowboard hardboots to minimize overhang that has become an issue with today’s lower angles used in carving. We also increased the lever arm to reduce the effort of clipping in.

Helpful Binding Articles

Traditional or BP - What's the difference?

For help in selecting E-Rings, go here.

For help in selecting cant disks, go here.

Need help with E-Pads? Our recommendation is thus: if you are over 150 pounds, use medium (blue). If you are under 150, use soft (yellow).

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