Hello all, 

TD3s and Power Plates are back in stock! There are a few changes to be aware of this year. 

--After many years of the Iconic 5mm Hex screws it has become necessary to change to a non-custom screw. Simply put the cost of the custom screws grew to a level that would require a significant price increase. New bindings will be coming with Torx screws. M6 screws for sole blocks and center disks will use a T30 key and M8 screws for baseplates and Power Plates will use a T45 key. As always the hardware pack will include the necessary keys. I haven't yet sourced an affordable T handle set but I continue to look, if you are looking for T handles I am glad to point you in the direction of the best option I have found. I have been using Torx fasteners in the snow and find they are a bit easier to clear from snow so I hope this change will be an overall positive even though I regret breaking tradition.

-- Cant disks will also see a cosmetic change with the exterior surface of the cant disk having a slight texture. There will be a price increase for individual cant disks but due to the screw change bindings and Power plates will hold steady. 

These have been a challenging few years to breathe life back into Bomber and I want to thank each and every one of you for being a part of it with me. We are ever closer to Bomber being back to its former health and turning our attention to the future!


Walker and Odin the Dog