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Power Plate System
Power Plate System

Power Plate System

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NOTE: Fasteners have switched to Torx drive as detailed in the Blog

Power Plate System

The Bomber Power Plate system is designed for the high-performance soft boot rider. If you are the type of rider who prefers to rocket around the entire mountain and appreciate maximum edge control of your board, this is for you. If you spend the day hiking the pipe, then this is not the tool for that job.

The Power Plates give you three huge benefits:

  • Raise it up: by raising the rider up off the board you gain leverage in your binding to give you maximum edge hold during a carve. As a side benefit, if you have large feet or run real low angles, it can help with boot-out issues. Also, the footprint of the system is smaller than the binding allowing the board to flex more naturally.
  • Remove the Bad Vibe: The suspension system is based from our world famous TD3 hardboot binding. By using a floating E-Ring, we are able to remove the harshness of the ride while maintaining edge hold. Three levels of E-Ring softness are available so you can tune your ride.
  • You Can Cant: It's not necessary, but if you are more of a directional rider then you might find you like a little cant in your binding set-up. This can be a big benefit when trying to optimize the perfect stance for maximum forward-facing speed. Think: Boarder Cross. Available in 0, 3, and 6 degree options at time of order.

This entire system is placed between your existing binding and board. The Power Plates will accept any 4 hole based binding and comes with all hardware to mount to your snowboard.


With a zero degree disk, the system weighs 3 pounds and sits 2.8 cm off the board. These stats will change slightly with a 3 or 6 DEG cant. 

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