Hi Folks, We are getting into the season and it seems like time for an update. Firstly this year was an exciting and important one for Gumbo and Bomber. I bought the CNC mill that has been making Trench Diggers since at least the TD2 if not the TD1. Fin sold the mill to the machinist I have been working with the last few years and this year I had the opportunity to buy it and bring all the milling back in house! This will allow me to starting working on bindings full time during the summers so I will enter the winters, when I work full time as a boot fitter, with more inventory preassembled and thus more time to ship orders. It will also help alleviate out of stocks as I will be able to respond to low inventory during the season. However, this winter there will be some growing pains as I dial in the machine and get programs working with my setup. Currently I am milling Cant Disks, 6* Cants will be back in stock soon, and Center Disks. Power Plates will be next up. Skwal Cants and Elite 2 Skiboard Bindings will be back this winter. I will be cranking 7 days until inventory is full. Thank You all for your help keeping Bomber alive, I apologize for any out of stocks and forgive me for tardy emails. Walker