Identifying the parts of your boot

Physically Finding the Size on the boot

If you currently have a pair of boots that you love the fit, and want to find out the size, you need to know where to look. The shells come in several parts. The tongues and upper cuffs come in three sizes, "small" (22-24.5), medium (25-27.5) and large (28+).

The lower assembly comes in single-size ranges like 27-27.5. Use a flashlight to see this - it's in the bottom of the boot where your foot goes. This determines the size of the shell and is what is called your Mondo size. If you have never done the shell test or aren't 100% sure about your Mondo size, please follow the instructions here.

The shell of the boot fits sizes in range from *.0 - *.9 (for ex, a 26.0 - 26.9). The next shell takes over where this one ends. The liner makes up the difference from here ONLY IF IT IS NOT A THERMOFLEX LINER. If it is a Thermoflex liner, it runs the same as the shell and should be sized appropriately. Thermoflex liners do not come in half sizes, as the whole size will form to your foot as long as you do the shell test and the shell is the right size.


What is Sole Length?

This is the measurement you see on the outside of the boot near the heel. It is in millimeters, and has no meaning when ordering boots. If you tell us what the sole length of your boot is, we can't tell you what Mondo size it is.


Fin-Tec Heels

If you would like to use Step In Bindings and have never had them before, you will need to make sure your boots are Fin-Tec Compatible:

  1. Locate the heel of the boot. Is it removable with 4 screws?
  2. Is it shaped like the photo below?
  3. Remove the heel. Is there a hole for the cable already drilled on the bottom of your boot? If not, your boots still could be compatible you just may have to drill the hole yourself.

While these are not fool-proof, if you can answer yes to the questions above, you probably have a compatible boot. All the boots we sell on BOL are Fin-Tec compatible. To find out more info and to purchase Fin-Tec heels, please go here.

If you still have questions, look at How to Size my Boots, or What boot is Right for my Application?