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Part A BP Mount Bracket Sliding; 4 Hole Shown, UPM not shown
Part B BP Mount Bracket Fixed; 4 Hole Shown,UPM not shown
Part C BP Top Strap
Part D BP Slide Bearing
Part E M6 X 14 mm Flathead screw
Part F M6 X 12 mm Bomber Screw
Part G M6 Counter Sink Washer
Part H Out of stock
Part I BP Axel
Part J BP Side Boss
Part K M6 X 12mm Bomber Screw
Part L M6 X 16 mm Bomber Screw
Part M Out of Stock
Part N Out of stock
(Total Items: 8)
BP Axel
In Stock
BP Mount Bracket Fixed
Not for Sale
BP Side Boss
Out of Stock
BP Slide Bearing
In Stock
BP Top Strap
Not for Sale
BP Washers
In Stock
Flathead M6 Boilerplate Screws
In Stock