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  • October Update

    Hi Folks, We are getting into the season and it seems like time for an update. Firstly this year was an exciting and important one for Gumbo and Bomber. I bought the CNC mill that has been making Trench Diggers since at least the TD2 if not the
  • Store is Open

    Hi Folks, The webstore is back open. I have redesigned the store a little bit to make it easier to navigate and incorporate additional functionality. Inventory is still being created so some products will still show out of stock, primarily FinTec heels and 6 degree cant disk. Metal is being milled as we speak and the webstore will be updated as product becomes available. Thank you as always, Walker
  • Back in the Office

    Hi All, I am back in the office and shipping orders. I will be reworking the webstore to clean it up and add a bit of functionality. I will leave the checkout turned off so orders don't get lost as I change things but I can always be reached at

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