What is Alpine Snowboarding?

Alpine snowboarding, also called hardbooting and carving, is a discipline within the sport of snowboarding. Despite the popularity of "softbooting", hardbooting is actually where snowboarding all began. The equipment differs from the soft boots and short boards seen in mainstream riding, which are ideal for park, pipe, and freestyle riding. Alpine riding utilizes the stiffness and flex of a hard shell snowboard boot (don't worry, they're actually way more comfy than ski boots) to provide considerably more leverage over and control of the board, allowing for hard, carved turns and use of longer, more narrow boards that also allow for higher speeds.


coreyThere are two common misconceptions in the world of alpine snowboarding: first, many who remember snowboarding's hardboot roots will recall extremely stiff, unforgiving equipment that no one would want to be on for more than the 2 minutes it takes to run a race coarse. Thankfully, our technology has progressed, and our gear is now comfortable, approachable, and fun!

Secondly, because of the advances in the technology, hardbooting is also no longer exclusively for race courses. The boots have considerably more support than soft boots, making them ideal for riders who need a little more beef underfoot, and the equipment is now friendly - and ideal - for all mountain riding beyond the perfect groom. We here at Bomber ride our hardboots on everything from a bluebird cord day to bumps, steeps, trees and 30" of fresh pow...we just swap our or decks accordingly.

Are you suffering from Board Boredom? If you're considering an alternative to mainstream softboot riding, have lost (or never had) the affinity for the park or pipe, or just want to renew your love of the slopes, alpine riding is an excellent choice for you.

We're here to answer any questions you can't find answers to below or on our community forum, so contact us if that's the case! 

Crave the Carve

Are you totally new to hardboots? Aren't even at that point yet because you're just thinking about it? Have you been riding a few days and feel like you could use some help?

We'll break it down for you and give you some great online and on-snow resources, so you get the most out of your experience. Read below and find the category you feel applies best to you, then you can use the appropriate tools listed to start or continue your progression.


Where are you in your journey to Alpine Snowboarding?

As the virtual home of alpine snowboarding worldwide, we have a ton of resources to get you started!

 I'm thinking about giving hardboots a try


READ: What We Love About Hardboots, an article by Jack Michaud,

DISCUSS: Visit the Community Forum, a place to learn, ask questions, and get insight from long-time hardbooters,

RIDE: Find an on-snow demo day near you, so you can give it a shot before committing to equipment and consider joining us at the Aspen Trenchin' Convention, world's largest non-competitive gathering of alpine enthusiasts!


I know I want to try hardboots, but I don't know what equipment is right for a beginner.

READ:  Coming Soon!

BROWSE: We offer a 10$ discount on all new rider packages! For beginners, we like Trench Digger Standards, Deeluxe 225's and the new Donek Voyager.  Visit the store and shop around.

RIDE: Trying out gear is a great way to get a feel for the type of equipment that's right for you. In addition to demo days and events, we offer demo's at any time during the season. View our full demo fleet here


 I've got my equipment, but I have no clue where to begin to set it up.


DISCUSS: Setting up your first alpine set-up can be intimidating. There are many forum discussions on the topic. Here's one you might find helpful.

WATCH: Coming Soon!

RIDE: Join us for a demo day or event and get some hands-on pointers!



 I'm set-up on my equipment and have been out a few days but need some pointers.


READ: The Norm Part IThe Norm Part II, and Carving Practice Drills.

DISCUSS: Here's a great discussion on the community forum on improving your technique.

WATCH: This Aspen Trenchin Convention Highlight Reel and join us in Aspen February 5 - 11, 2017!

RIDE: Find an instructor who can help you with some of the basics to get you progressing faster.