Here are some useful links

to other sites where you can check out equipment, teams and clubs, and read up on what's happening in the alpine snowboard community all over the world.


Donek Snowboards: Hand made custom and production race boards. Made in Colorado.

Coiler Snowboards: High quality, hand made custom carving and race decks from Canada.

Oxxess Snowboards: Swiss made carving decks using carbon fiber 3D top sheets. A very popular manufacturer of Boardercross boards.

Kessler Snowboards: Swiss made carving boards which are also popular with Boardercross riders and racers.

Swoard Snowboards: The Swiss brand from the founders of These boards are geared towards the an easily identifiable technique, equipment, ride philosophy specific to Extreme Carving.

Prior Snowboards: Chris Prior has been hand building high-end decks since 1990. He has great carving options in addition to great powder decks for hardbooters.

Virus Snowboards: German manufacturer of quality alpine decks.

Skwal Snowboards: Something in between a ski and a snowboard, made for a very specific style of riding - super narrow and made to carve - a very different ride.

Deeluxe Boots: Bomber is the North American distributor of Deeluxe hardboots and a lot of information is available in our online store; if you'd like to see Deeluxe's site directly, click here.

Reliable Racing: The most complete mail order catalog around for snowboard and race gear. This is your go to place for tuning gear.

Dominator Wax: The best wax for boarding. This site has lots of information on wax selection as well.

YYZ Canuck: These guys are your Canadian connection for Bomber bindings, Intuition liners and carving related goods. Bryan, also a moderator on our Community Forum, has a great collection - and gallery - of old school gear. Check it out!

SkiMD: The ultimate in board tuning, based in Massachusetts. They accept boards through shipment and have a quick turn around. Your board will thank you.




Info, Tech, and Related Sites

Caving Magazine: Finally, a full color pulication dedicated completely to hardboot snowboarding and carving! Thanks Alexis! Want to learn how to really lay it out? Check out the world of "Euro" carving!

Summit Expression Session: This Bomber run event is one of the biggest alpine snowboarding events of the year. Join us here in Aspen in Feburary!

The Carver's Almanac: A Great source for understanding all the terms used in carving and alpine snowboarding.

Snow Performance: A great source for instruction and camps for the hardbooter. Based in Washington.

Chris Klug: The website for this world cup racer and Olympic medalist includes links to camps and training opportunities.

Snow Link: A great site for other snow organizations and general winter sports enthusiasts.

Pure Boarding: A Swiss site dedicated to the art of carving. Another site dedicated to the alpine rider. A great site for photos and info (including some "how to's") in both English and German.

G-Force: A site dedicated to Greek Carving. Yes, we're serious.




Teams, Organizations, and Clubs

U.S.A.S.A: The United States Amateur Ski and Snowboard Association runs snowboard race series for the common man (and women) and for all age groups. They have several divisions spread out across the US. Go here to find the next race in your area!

F.I.S.: International Ski Federation is the world's professional ski and snowboard organization and organizer of the World Cup.

Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club: With over 130 athletes and 20 coaches, the SSWSC Snowboard Team is one of the largest programs in the US.

Park City Snowboard Team: Developing youth involvement in competitive and recreational snowboarding as well as providing the most highly trained coaching staff reaching the highest levels of snowboarding.

Holderness Snowboarding: Snowboard team training for all ages. Located in New Hampshire.

U.S.S.A: The U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association is the national governing body of Olympic skiing and snowboarding.

The G-Team: Snowboard training for all disaplines. Located in Minna-s-O-ta.