Saving the Sport

Bomber Alpine Snowboard Outfitters is one of the premier outfitter of Alpine Snowboard gear in the World. We carry everything you need to make your carve experience a good one, from our own line of Trench Digger Bindings and accessories to Deeluxe Boots and snowboards from Donek, Coiler, Oxess, Kessler, Swoard and more. We are hardboot central!

Bomber was founded in 1993 by Fin Doyle, when he developed the first Bomber manufactured binding, the Trench Digger (TD). At the time, Alpine Snowboarding was a dying niche of snow sports industry, and Bomber reignited interest in the sport by developing a much needed product.  Bomber also became a home for carvers and hardbooters from around the world, giving them a place to learn and discuss through an online forum and providing opportunities to gather and build community through events like the Aspen Trenchin’ Convention.

Bomber is now on the third generation of Trench Digger bindings, the TD3, which is now available in four different configurations. Along with the bindings, Bomber also manufactures several other accessories for boots and boards, including the Boot Tuning System (BTS), Fin-Tec Heels, and Isolation Plates (Boiler Plate).

For all of us who love carving, we have Bomber to thank. Without Fin’s vision and passion, we would either all be riding Burton Asyms or soft boots!


A New Chapter


In Progress…………

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