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Thread: Totally Self-Absorbed Post - I'm BACK!

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    Randy S. Guest

    Totally Self-Absorbed Post - I'm BACK!


    I rode this weekend and it didn't hurt too much!

    As many of you know my season ended last year on Jan. 2 with a torn achilles. I recovered from that only to crash my motorcycle on August 27 and break my hip. The docs weren't overly psyched about it, but they cleared me to ride this past weekend. Fortunately both my races were postponed so I was able to take it nice and leisurely.

    I tried on my boots Friday night to discover (as I expected) that my repaired achilles takes up a lot more space. I stopped at Elite Feet in Squaw Creek on Saturday morning and they happily re-molded the liners and made everything fit fine.

    I rode maybe 10 runs on Saturday and stuck to the groomers. It was a hard-packed day and things went well. Both my hip and my achilles were sore by the end of the day, but I was happy. I can't carve very hard, and bumps hurt, but basically everything works.

    Saturday it started snowing hard at the end of the day and by Sunday morning we had 8-10" of famous Sierra Cement. It was tough to ride in, especially on my Coiler 184, but I managed one good run in the pow/concrete before I had to leave (my ride's kids didn't want to ski with snow in their faces - wimps).

    I leave tomorrow to head back up to Tahoe for the duration of the holidays. I'm excited at the prospects of getting a bunch of days in over the holidays. It is still snowing up there and it looks like its going to continue through the holidays! Yeah!

    Hopefully no more injuries for me. Twice on crutches in one year is more than enough. Look for me to be taking it fairly easy this season. I'm even contemplating trying some fat skis to see how they are. Haven't really skied much in years.

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    Glad to hear you're back on the snow. Any chance you'll make it to OES?

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    Injuries make you realize how much you truly love that sport. The good news is physical activity helps your body heal because of the increased circulation. The body also needs rest and recovery so that's the excuse not to overdue it.

    Savor those runs...You've earned them with all that rehab

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    Hi Randy,

    Glad to hear that you are back on the slopes. ...I wish I could come up for the holidays as well. But we'll stay home - my 1 week old doesn't travel that well yet...

    Have a good one and do a few turns for me,


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    Welcome back!

    Sounds to me like you healed rather quickly...

    Welcome back and take it easy,
    Ride Fast, Take Chances, Whiners go to Day Care!

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    Welcome back

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    yeah man...take it EASY...youve got until april or later to try to break yet another part of your body!

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    Welcome Back Man

    You have been missed on the snow. Seeing you sitting there at the bottom of Squaw was a bummer last year. Take it easy ride smart, have fun and see you out there sometime.

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    The new Randy

    Nice job Randy. Taking it easy is not like you, so I bet that took some effort.

    Report from Kirkwood today was 3 feet of powder yesterday followed by evening (top to bottom) RAIN SHOWERS! The rain melted a lot of the powder and made for sticky conditions today. Weird weird weather.

    On edge, all of the time...

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    Radar Gun

    Welcome back Randy. Leave the radar gun at home for awhile.
    Carve On~~~~

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    welcome home

    Hey Randy, good to hear that you're back on the snow. I know very well that injuries are always a possibility (I have wonky knees and one bad Achilles myself), so it's heartening to see that you're making a fairly speedy recovery. Hope that this season goes well for you, that you get lots of snow down in the Tahoe area (but not if you swipe all our precipitation like last year), and that you're back at 100% soon.
    "Is that more fun than snowboarding?"

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