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Thread: Which bindings for my daughter?

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    Which bindings for my daughter?

    She is a strong skier but has never tried carving. I found some used raichle boots and a pretty nifty used prior 4x4.

    I want a binding that won't fail. She weighs about 125lb.

    I'd appreciate your thoughts.

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    for someone at 125

    burton race, F2 or snowpro will all be fine
    of that bunch I prefer the snowpros
    if you wanna go with something that will last her forever get the TD2 with yellow rings.

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    Stay away from Bombers, (sorry Fin) and Cateks for a light weight beginner. Find a pair of Burton race plates. You usually can find brand new pairs on ebay. The owner of Salty Peaks snowboard shop in Salt Lake has about 40 pairs that he has been slowly selling off over the past few years, I can't remember his ebay name, but do a search if he dosen't have any listed now call Salty Peaks directly and ask for Dennis.

    Don't buy into the Burton bindings will self destruct crowd. For a 125 lbs newbie they are fine. Many larger guys are still racing world cup on them so they can't be that bad.

    If you want a binding that will still have a warentee get a pair of F2's through either the shop here or on These bindings are slightly stiffer than the Burtons, but will still be a good choice.

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    Salty Peaks / Dennis Ebay:

    u12 is his ebay ID

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    You really can't go wrong with this binding at this price and new! The heels will add a few dollars, but at 154 out the door, it's still great!

    She is quite a few pounds under the max weight (180), and step-in bindings are as much fun for kids as they are for adults.

    And it's great to simultaneously support the Bomber crew who has done so much for our sport!

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    Ditto on the X-Bones, totally easy to move from board to board, cant and lift is easy to set up too.

    I have a step-in pair that I ride for free carving on my flexer boards. I weigh 185-190lbs, no worries about these bindings.

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