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    Anyone ridng a Carveboard? I guess Mark Fawcett uses one. is it good for off season carving practice?

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    Yeah, they're great fun. Just don't go too fast.
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    My son and I own Carveboards and I would say that it gives you the rhythm of linked turns with a "soft floating" type turn, like you would get in 6" of powder. Air pressure and board flex play a big role in the feel of the ride, and you want to keep your speed in check to avoid speed wobble. I weigh 210 and ride a 9 ply and my son Cody at 160 rides a 7 ply. You can't get too aggressive on one but on the right incline with the right air pressure they are fun. I don't ride much anymore because pavement doesn't give like Utah powder. Water looks soft, maybe I'll try surfing. Name:  A hot photo gallery for those of us stuck too far north of the Equator, TROPICAL ENVY - SURFLINE.jpg
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    Having fun with my Grandson.

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