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Thread: Anyone in SFO area headed to Kirkwood this weekend?

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    Anyone in SFO area headed to Kirkwood this weekend?

    I am in town on business and going to head up the mountain on Thursday night for a Friday session. Any hints, tips or fellow riders want to join me?



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    Classic carving runs, in order of steepness from least-steep to most steep, are Lower Zachary, Flying Carpet, Buckboard, Wagon Trail -> Short Spoke, Elevator Shaft, and (upper) Zachary. It's not likely that you will be able to carve any groomers, since it's supposed to dump Thursday and Friday. If you brought your carving board, you might try to carve Lower Zachary, but otherwise it will be a powder day. On a Friday, probably traverse over a bit and hit Sentinel Bowl for some fresh powder, then there's some fluff around Norm's Nose / Conestoga area, and usually by then (10:30 or 11) they've opened up the backside and you can head over and pretty much take your pick.

    Since it's been a ****ty season, even though it's a Friday, there are probably going to be a LOT more people than typical for a midweek day. Trying to get their fix.

    Wish I could join you, didn't see your note until just now. Have fun!


    ps: If you are a REI member, you can stop at a REI and get a discount on a ticket on the way up:

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