Right now, I live in Pennsylvania, there are ski areas within 15 mins of my house, but I go to another thats like 45 mins away. I probably only ride 20ish days a year if that, and its usually for only a few hours at a time, I get bored, or conditions are not that great.

so, my question is has anyone ever lived somewhere where they could not ride whenever they wanted, but took say 2 7-9 day trips a year out west and maybe a weekend or 2 somewhere else?

I do not know if that would be enough for me, even though its just as much as I ride now days wise, probably more hours, but way better, I do not know if it would be enough? anyone have any experience like this or anything to share?

I am considering going south, if in North Carolina or that general area, riding would be no problem, but Florida would be a little bit of a problem.

thanks in advance