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Thread: Deeluxe 225

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    Deeluxe 225

    Anyone know if these fit large, small, or on par?
    Also how "soft" is soft when describing the 225?

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    I bought a pair of 225's to replace my Raichle 413's. They were a bit narrower in the forefoot, had them punched out, and they are a bit stiffer than the Raichles, but love them since the mods were done.
    They are "supposed to be the softest" in the Deeluxe line from the comments here on BOL.
    I also put BTS on them to give more forward flex and shock absorbtion in the chattery snow.
    I ride them almost exclusively, except on powder days when I ride my powder boards with the 413's.
    Hope this helps if you are thinking of buying them.


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    I have a very narrow, flat, low volume foot so my 225's are loose in every dimension except length. I had them stretched which made them slightly longer and slightly lower volume, which helped with some of the fit issues. Re: soft - I find the plastic is extremely affected by temperature. I'm female, weigh about 120 lbs and ride with a BTS kit - usually yellow springs. At temps below zero I find these boots plenty stiff. I prefer how they flex from 5-20 degrees. Above 25 degrees I find them quite soft and will sometimes put blue springs on top on my BTS kit to compensate. Because I ride a lot of below zero days, I wouldn't want a stiffer boot - I wouldn't be able to flex them. If I rode more days at warm temps I might be looking for a something stiffer.
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