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Thread: BIG, WIDE Groomers in N. CA?

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    BIG, WIDE Groomers in N. CA?

    I'm in Squaw Valley for the winter and been at Alpine Meadows and Squaw numerous times. Hot Wheels at Alpine is OK at the start but is too busy and flattens out quick and that lift is Slooow! Squaw Creek at Squaw is a little better but gets tight and congested when it funnels into a wide cattrack to the lift.

    Where are the Big, Wide and Long groomers in N. Cali?

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    Wide and perfect pitch...

    Whats up BarryJ,

    I recently re-visited June Mountain after a 24 year hiatus. The first thing I noticed was how wide many of the runs were and that the pitch of a few were ideal for perfecting technique (Gunsmoke specifically!). It has a very chill atmosphere and it was nearly void of people and this was at the beginning of spring break. Worth a try in if you make it to the area.

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    Heavenly, Sierra, and Rose!

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    Also, backside of Northside, skiers' left -- Challenger and Sierra Grande runs. (What "wide" means obviously is subjective.) Unfortunately, the rest of Northstar is not really big and wide, except for its crowds...

    I'll be an Northstar next weekend (Easter) if you want to meet up.

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