I broke my tibia 3 days before nationals in winter park, and the more I think about it, I think my board caused my injury. I was training on the nastar course and was either going to hit a gate or go around the wrong side, so I chose wrong side. It happened pretty fast, but from what I've heard and can remember, my nose dug into a pile of pow, got stuck, and I flipped. That was my first day on my board, a Rossi shannon melhuse, with toni-something boots. I was gonna try to race on it that weekend(stupid disicion #1), so I needed the practice. I was goin pretty hard(stupid disicion #2). I think that if I had just stayed on my freestlye board, pretty good in powder, I would have not hurt anything or just not crashed. Did my board cause my crash, inexpirence, stupidity, or all 3?