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Thread: Ibex Cant options?

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    Ibex Cant options?

    Anybody have exopriance with the Ibex Speed Universal Cant ?

    Been running the Ibex 7 DEG Cant for years but looking something with less lift.

    Goal less heal lift and some toe.


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    Broken link.

    The Vari Cant is ok for lighter riders. They do have some movement in them. Easy to set once you figure them out.

    A bit "Clunky" in my opinion. They do offer the option to go from 3d to 4x4 and visa versa.
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    Using two of these for my 10 year old daughter to give her toe and heel lift.

    Like OSB says above, I found that if the binding you were using didn't have a rubber base you got some angular play (about a degree). Cutting up a tire inner tube and placing it between the binding and the varicant solved this.

    The varicant has a diameter of 19cm so you will get some overhang on extremely narrow boards.

    My biggest beef is that you can't check the screws attaching the cant to the board without removing the entire binding and cant discs.

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    There are extremely rare 3,5 unicant

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