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Thread: June Carvers Classic - SNES 2012 Official Thread

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    Wink June Carvers Classic - SNES 2012 Official Thread

    Okay, I met with June management today and we have this finalized! This year's Sierra Nevada Expression Session, or what June Patrol likes to call it, June Carver's Classic, will take place this weekend, on Saturday and Sunday, March 24th and 25th at June Mt.

    We will have:

    Mid-day groom
    Gunsmoke reserved for semi-private use ("race in progress"!! )
    Shared gear demos (which should be quite extensive, but sorry, not official vendor demos)
    On-slope hangout and gear storage (right at J4)
    Timed race course and SB gates

    I as well as others (as far as I can tell) are planning on sharing some gear for demos as much we are able. Can those who are able to share gear, please list what you are able to bring? What else would all of you be interested in seeing as part of this event?

    Please lets get a headcount and gearcount:

    1) nekdut (Neil) +3
    2) slopestar (lance)
    3) Miltie (tom)
    4) SnowNBeachAdddict (Brooke) +1
    5) Carlo
    6) carvingchef (Andrea)
    7) Arclite (Julian)
    8) Does_not_think_with_mind (Phil) +1
    9) Wolfman (Rolf, and Bev? +1)
    10) mohouck (Chad)
    11) g-ben (Greg)
    12) Tim Kienitz
    13) Thomas
    14) Terry
    15) Frank
    16) GeorgeS (George)
    17) Hey John (John)
    18) Big D
    19) ?

    Gear Share! (no promises, just what has been listed so far)
    Bomber Plate
    Donek Plate
    Kessler KST 185
    Coiler Stubby 166
    Coiler VSR 161 (womens)
    Coiler 172 (womens)
    Sims Premier 167
    Prior old school WCR 185
    Donek Razor 170
    Oxbow Worldcup 171
    Burton FP
    Burton Alp 156
    Donek GS195
    Coda 2 skwalls with bindings
    Coda V0
    Coda V2
    Coda V0-xl
    Coda Sideways for soft booters
    Coda carving monoboard
    Volkl 173 w/Donek Plate
    Madd 158
    Kessler 180
    Burton race plates/neon yellow with 6* cant
    Burton UP 162
    Bomber TD1s with multiple riser discs
    Burton Fusion 165
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