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    Quote Originally Posted by This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed View Post
    Well Jack, call up Jeff yourself and ask him. Jeff never told me he has lost Kessler.. if he has it is news to me. I'm sure anyone can order a board direct from Kessler. I am not trying to fool anyone- I ordered my two Kesslers through Scott Tucker and Jeff they did not come direct from Kessler. I told Jeff I had better buy a Kessler deck if I was going to try and help him sell them. It turned out to be an expensive gamble for me, one I would undo if I could oinly because I have yet to get a replacement board.

    Then go and call Frank D. and ask him if he asked me to be the Virus Rep. for Aspen, and ask Ray S. who also knows about that conversation with Frank.

    Check the sources before you call BS on it. Don't take my word for it if it means that much to you.

    As for Trailer Trash, you've made putting effort into this site seem fruitless. All you seem to do is deter others with useful information from posting. Lets see some video of TT riding... the Golden child of Lynn Massachusetts.

    And Jack, I am surprised at your behavior which seems so uncharacteritic of you.

    I suppose the next thing you'll say is that my SIG is copied from Bomber instead of the other way around.

    Ouch, going after my riding. That cuts deep. How does the level of rider I am have anything to do with you being a compulsive liar and freeloader?
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