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Thread: SES Video Playlists

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    SES Video Playlists

    I don't know if Bomber Industries SES is the biggest or oldest or whatever-est carving gathering worldwide, but it undoubtedly is a top shelf event. It attracts a critical mass of really cool and talented carving personalities, and it's held in the world class resorts of Aspen, Colorado. My video posts may get lost in the SES discussion threads, so starting a thread here to focus on SES videos. If you're on the fence about spending the money to attend SES, watch theses videos to help make up your mind.

    It's a video playlist, so it rolls from one to the next, and there's a control in the viewer to browse through them, or follow the link below.
    SES 2012:

    Past johnasmo SES Playlists:

    SES 2011:

    SES 2010:

    SES 2009:
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    Awesome, as usual! Thanks a ton for the chase footage, I'll be watching that a few hundred times or so.

    I bet the Rocket Man looked pretty wild from the lift too!

    The 2010 Ruthies video hits home for me. Not sure why, but that's the one I'll pick when I want some stoke in the middle of the summer or the night before going to the hill.

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    Some more video from SES

    No music on this video. Just the sound of an NSR cutting through Buttermilk groom.

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    I spent a few hours getting chased around highlands mountain by a video guy you can hire out of Snowmass. I still haven't edited it, stabilized it, or picked out a soundtrack, but I posted a (very) short sample of some of the footage on vimeo. This was shot on Golden Horn/Thunderbowl. Once I learn a bit more about editing and finish my current home improvment projects I'll post a longer, better video.


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