found my iphone

pretty stoked about this wee ditty. i was boarding at cypress (vancouver) wed night where i proceeded to lose my phone out of an unzipped pocket. dumb, yes. i had no idea when or where it came out. it was a 30cm night previous, so there was pretty much zero chance it'd be on the surface; lots of snow getting pushed around. despondent, i headed home without my interweb umbilical. side note: being offline is a strange and disorienting state of being. got home, fired up the 'find my iphone' app on icloud and got this:

stoked! alas, it was too late to get back up there at this point, and i had to leave it for the night alone & cold on that snowy peak. next morning, my primary concern was that it was going to get chunked through the groomer. a test call confirmed it was still alive, and the position hadn't changed. i spent an anxious day worrying that it would get crushed underski, and was able to finally launch the search party after super.

with the finder app loaded on my wife's phone i headed to the tagged area. did a sweep of the region with my phone ringing but could hear nothing. it seemed hopeless. zoomed in on the map and tried to locate myself as precisely as possible using the nearby snow guns that i could see on the map as reference points (the google satellite map is a couple years old). got on my hands and knees & rung the phone - by the powers of ullr and steve jobs i faintly heard the old phone ringtone call out for help. i started digging frantically, and about 8" under well packed snow i uncovered it from it's icy would be grave. the baggie it was in was ripped, but freezing temps had kept it dry, it it was otherwise unscathed. so rad.

those of you w/ iphones, make sure 'find my iphone' is turned to on in the icloud settings. amazing.