its been over a month and a half since i hucked a cliff, buried the nose of my board and took a quick tumble and took one in the rear from a not so soft rock and i can still only sit normal for 10 pretty sure i broke my coccyx(tailbone) but theres nothing a doc can do..the bruise covered both cheeks and it was definitely a conversation piece.i waited a month before i rode again, but thats all i could wait since we are finally getting snow, but man, every time i slip out heel side..o my f-ing god...i have to lay there for at least 5-10 minutes almost about to cry..and whats funny, i did the cliff two times before, but apparently 3rd times the charm..but it could have been prevented easily..first, i should have done a better job looking at the landing area,and the when i do fall and tumble down the mountain where do i go area? and of course, dont go off cliffs when were only 16% snow fall.

so who else has gotten hurt this year?