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    Survey Results

    I’m going to share with you the results of the survey that we had at the banquet. We do read these and we use them to make the event better every year! I’ll comment too on the things that need a little explanation, or a response. We are grateful for all the answers, as it helps to know if we are on the right track or not.

    If you filled out a survery, MANY THANKS!!!!

    1. What are your general thoughts on the 2011 SES?
    • Another Great Year
    • Wouldn’t miss it
    • It’s been a great week
    • As a 1st timer, I thought it was awesome!
    • Had a great time, you guys rock!
    • Fabulous
    • Great – look forward to it every year
    • It was fantastic, I have not been since 2006 and had a great time then. Can’t go wrong with the sliding Mecca Aspen
    • I think that it is so awesome
    • Great! Unreal event
    • Keep it going
    • It’s great to be exposed to all the talent and everyone is generally very open and friendly. Nice!
    • My first time and I had a great time
    • Great Fun
    • Good times
    • WOOHOO
    • I had a great time and learned heaps!
    • Great time, great carving, great people
    • Great venue, staff, equipment selection
    • Overall, excellent event!
    • First time, amazing, good to ride with so many styles, and learn from people all week
    • Really enjoyed learning to alpine board, seeing new people and experiencing Aspen.
    2. If you could change one thing (or more) about SES, what would it be?
    · Faster Demo set up (we’ll work on that)
    · t-shirts (some people like them, some don’t so it’s a hard call for us)
    · 51 weeks longer! (YES!)
    · Water @ tent (we’ll try to remember this)
    · Quiet mood music at the banquet (hmmm that could be arranged).
    · Have non alcoholic beverages at all parties (we did!)
    · Weather modification system (that can be Fin’s next project)
    · Race clinic (we’ve had them in the past, and not had them. Seems we’re always off a year)
    · Attract more families/young folks (Agreed! Any suggestions?)
    · More clinic time for beginner and intermediate carvers (we do our best to make the most use of our volunteer’s time in giving the clinics without a full day of "lessons". They're in it to have fun too!)
    · More food at the parties (then we’d have to charge more, and people seem to not want to pay it. Ideas?)
    · First Tracks Every day! (then it wouldn’t be special. Can’t see Rocket Man EVERY day J)
    · Do a second day at highlands (comments on this?)
    · More demos for females (we’ve had this come up before. Manufacturers????)
    · Women’s social happy hour (we’ve done this in the past, and no one shows up so we canned it)
    · More clinics (suggestions?)
    · More Cowbell! (AGREED!)
    3. If you participated in a clinic, what is your feedback?
    • Pure Carve Clinic – I have Homework
    • Kenny’s clinic – I have homework but it was all good
    • Too many in the steep clinic (this was a surprise to us as well!)
    • Did the Steeps with Richard. Very informative, great riders were present, very inspiring.
    • Women’s clinic with Richard AWESOME! MORE!!
    • Videos would be helpful (yes, but it’s difficult to get a volunteer to video this and a place to provide feedback)
    • Allow more time > 1 hour
    • Steeps clinic – best clinic yet
    • Euro carve and carve the steeps – both were enjoyable

    4. How do you feel about the timing of the event (length and time of year)?
    We got lots of positive response: good, perfect, works for me, etc. One person seemed to think race teams were monopolizing Ruthies, but we can’t make everything perfect. We also got an “I’m tired” ,“wish it were longer”, and “7 days straight = pooped”.
    5. How can we make it better, more fun, exciting (ex: more or less social events, clinics, organized events)? A lot of comments about more clinics (I need suggestions!)

    • More non alcoholic events (sorry, but this one won’t go over well with the masses)
    • More social events (WOW we had something almost every night!)
    • Maybe another Bomber house party during the week (Uh…no. One is enough)
    • More Smoke! LOL
    • We also got a lot of “it’s perfect” and “keep doing it”

    6. Were you involved in the mentor program? Please give us feedback if you were.
    • Someone said “to me, everyone is a mentor”. Nice!
    • “Angie made me feel very welcome” Awwww.. Nice job Angie!
    • Generally most people feel it’s a good thing, even if they didn’t participate

    7. Do you like the idea of a “themed” house party, or would you rather it just be a regular party?
    Theme – 11
    Regular – 13
    Either way - 3

    If you have any suggestions on how we can make this event better, please feel free to let me know! We welcome all suggestions, good and bad. The mentor program started because someone took the time to write to me after the event expressing in a very nice way his disappointment that no one took the time to show him around. It turned into something very positive!

    Feel free to comment on anything here – constructive criticism is welcomed!

    Expert in particular carvers with special needs

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    That was me, whining about the racers closing off Ruthies :-P

    Another day at Highlands (or a full day at AJAX) is an awesome idea!!

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    Full day at Ajax is very difficult, as there is no place to set up the tent.
    Expert in particular carvers with special needs

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    More non-alcoholic events? As a booze professional I take offense to that.
    Bring on the snow!!

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