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Thread: Le Relais NorAm PGS and SL Report

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    Le Relais NorAm PGS and SL Report

    Henry here from Apex. I was able to catch both NorAm races from the weekend. With the World Cup race coming up on Wednesday, the field, especially for the PGS was absolutely stacked. Available FIS points are capped at 500 but this was a World Cup race if I ever saw one. Talking to some of the junior racers at the hill and they were a bit overwhelmed but stoked to be racing against the best in the world.

    I highly recommend this week in Quebec to anyone interested in snowboard racing. World Cup, NorAm. You've got most of the disciplines - Big Air, SBX, PGS. Throw in the great food and nightlife of Quebec City and even your non-snowboarding spouse is happy. Just remember to dress warm.


    GS Ladies: 1) Julia Dujmovits AUT, 2) Caroline Calve CAN, 3) Ina Meschik AUT
    GS Mens: 1) Ingemar Walder AUT, 2) Andreas Prommegger AUT, 3) Andrey Sobelev RUS

    SL Ladies: 1) Marianne Leeson CAN, 2) Ariane Lavigne CAN, 3) Eri Yanitani JAP
    SL Mens: 1) Justin Reiter USA, 2) Masaki Shiba JAP, 3) Darren Gardner CAN

    Pics for you.

    Snowboarders take over the hotels this week.

    View from my hotel room of one of the great cities of North America. The wall at the bottom of the photo is what kept stinkin' Benedict Arnold out in 1775.

    My quiver. It was a bitch getting all these boards on the plane.

    They seem friendly but they're thinking - "Sorry, no medals for you."

    Ladies PGS podium

    Men's PGS podium. Tyler Jewell finished fourth. Nice to see him do well.

    A couple of Canadians and their modified Full Tilts.

    Marianne Leeson

    Ladies SL podium

    Men's SL podium. Masaki smiled once he opened the envelope and found money inside.
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