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Thread: Canting and shin-bang!!!

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    Canting and shin-bang!!!

    *** I'm writing this up here to help anyone avoid the excrutiating pain i went through for a couple of seasons, and also to see if others have made the same experience. ***

    A while back, i had a thread going here talking about my hell's case of shin-bang. I tried about everything you could insert or smear on, endlessly tweaked my boots, and went to a (great BTW) bootfitter 3 times. Nothing really seemed to help.

    Then, when looking at my retired Burton asym one day, i had the idea of playing with canting. See, I read on the Swoard/ExtremeCarver site that they recommended an absolutely and religiously flat stance. So that's what i set on my board and forgot about it... but as soon as i put some canting back in (a bit of front tip, and a good amount of rear heal up and lateral) the damn shin-bang was gone. Simply gone. and i've never turned back.

    My style still is what it is, neither worse nor better, and i have much room for improving my snow schmoozing still... but man do i enjoy it more now!

    Hope this helps someone.

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    Canting is huge. I suffered for two seasons with crazy foot pain that I just couldn't figure out. A couple of runs with BlueB and some fiddling with the canting and pain gone. Better than Vodka and no hangover!

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