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Thread: Santa Cruz 175 signature series

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    Santa Cruz 175 signature series

    Houghton just sold one on the classifieds. Whats anybody have to say about this board? I just purchased one on ebay, seems really damp.

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    I bought this board from Chris ,it had a nice base & sharp edges& Ive had it out for 5 days I would say its a "damp"at least my ankles felt better after the allday ride,compared to my burton or volkl.
    It really liked 1-3" of day old snow groomed over the ice ,any deeper& Id ride something a little stiffer mostly because Im heavier 230lbs.
    Chris mentioned that 160lbs was a good rider weight for this board & it was good for beginners.
    whats the condition of the one you got on e-bay?

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    Yes really damp, kinda like the early Rossignols before they went cap construction. Easy to ride, more friendly than the Primes of the day, and better (IMHO) than the Alps. But anything for a couple hundred that has a good base and sharp edges is going to be fun. Older Hot boards and Wild Duck alpine boards are also very nice vintage stuff.

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