I just bought a set of used HSP's, did the flex mods and modded to add BTS (yellow).

I like the way my front foot has more range of motion with ease (compared to my orange Indy's with yellow BTS), but my rear foot has pain, from what I think is the ankle strap (3rd strap from the bottom up, 2nd from top down). This is clipping in in my family room on the board, and getting into bent position like I would boarding. I added more and more flex, and it comes down to the ankle strap, I'm pretty sure.

The Indy's have no strap across where your ankle bends, and I have been completely comfortable boarding in them (after having them widened a lot). They were more comfortable boarding than when I switched back to soft boots to compare. I gave up soft booting because they're so comfortable. I just think they may be too stiff for me, or at least the front leg. My back leg seems to be able to bend and flex fine (seem to be able to flex as much as the HSP on the carpet).

The HSP's are hurting where my ankle bends, when I bend my rear knee like I normally would, and tuck into position (in my family room). Anyone else have issues with with the ankle strap on the HSPs causing pain? Is there something I can do about it?

Switching liners helps a little (to a Zipfit I bought as well, or the Intuitions that are in my Indys), but still feel the ankle strap. Boarding with my Indys and I have no pressure, and don't ever think about my feet.

I've only carpet snowboarded with the boots. I'm thinking about wearing the HSP on my front foot, and Indy on my back foot when I try on the snow Saturday because of the pain.

On a different note, can anyone tell me if the grey/silver tongue on an Orange HSP is stiff or normal?