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Thread: Coiler Prototype Test Ride 2 ... Same Ride, Different Rider

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    Coiler Prototype Test Ride 2 ... Same Ride, Different Rider

    Shot today by Stewart and myself (chase shots). Stewart added comments and a link to his video in my previous thread but thought I'd embed this in a separate thread.

    Nice riding!

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    Thumbs up Excellent!

    Nice vid,great riding!I love my hardboots but this makes a good statement for softboot carving.

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    Great style for carving. I loved my hardboots but this video shows you don't need them to carve.

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    Agreed, although the rider's obviously good.

    I've ridden with a few soft-boot people who can ride really well, like that, hence I'm not in the black/ white crowd on those who use other technology. To me it's just snowboarding, it's not about the technology.

    It's a neat reminder that even if they stop making my beloved hard boots, I'll still be able to ride.

    A slightly longer pole may help with the POV stuff. The chase sequences are excellent.

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