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Thread: Is this normal?

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    Is this normal?

    The fit on my boots is very snug, so footbeds weren't an option, I just tried just for the heck of it today, did this happen from me cramming my foot in or during riding?

    (borderline fit, 25.6 feet in a 24.5 shell , I have very wide feet, I wear size 10 4e sneakers and they are not wide enough), had them boot fitted but on my right foot the tongue always goes out of place a bit until I buckle it down.

    Edit: going out of place as in the tongue goes out of place (probably did this before the crack, or not? I just noticed the crack today).

    I did a search and realized people were cracking tongues, but in different areas and different makes. This is an AF700 boot with the grey tongue.
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