When viewing most eurocarve videos (or whatever you want to call them) most of the transitions from edge to edge are not smooth. Anyone can lay down when they are turning, but smooth edge to edge transitions IMHO are the key to great carving. The transition of power to the edge is done by body angulation and attempting to have 100% force initiated to the edge. This reduces slipping and makes a true carve.

I have been riding a couple Donek 185 FC with a 12.5 sidecut for the last 6 years. Before that I rode a Riot Supercarve that had a 11.5 sidecut. I also have a few other boards, a Factory Prime, Burton M6, and Burton P6. On a very steep run I can lay down EC's, but they are more of controlled slip or slide while laying down without smooth transitions. Almost feels like carving a board with 90 degree boot angles. The amount of work from edge to edge is way more work than necessary to carve smoothly.

There are only a few EC carvers that seem to transition smoothly from edge to edge. With all the background....Here is the question; What is the preferred sidecut for ECing?