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    Thumbs up Hot Gear Bag

    I thought I would share my opinion of my Christmas present to myself.

    The Hotgearbag Classic, what a piece of gear. I am completely spoiled. Warm, no , very warm boots when i get to the hill, gloves are warm, socks yup.
    If anyone was considering buying one don't hesitate. They are very well made, very well thought out and look good to boot.

    I bought the single boot version but i can fit my AF700's 28.5 and my daughters ski boots 24.5 in the bag without fear of breaking the zipper. Or it hold's my boots,donjoy knee brace , butt pad, camel bak, helmet , 2 pairs of goggles , gloves,tools and wax. It comes with a carrying handle, a shoulder strap, two straps on each side(in case two people need to carry it) and i Just found these the other day in another compartment, backpack style straps. It works on 110 220 12v and has three settings, warm , dry and hot.It has several vents that let moisture escape if you choose to leave your gear in over night to dry out. Another cool feature i found today , there is a zippered compartment on the bottom that houses a removable pad for you to stand on out in the snow bank so your little piggy's don't get cold.

    The only downside that i have found is that it is so cool that someone could consider stealing it if you leave it at the lodge. I use a decent lock to secure the zippers together if i leave my spare boots in it. Also i run a decent cable type lock thru several of the D rings and secure it to table ,bench pop machine etc. That way if some ahole took it the bag would be mangled when they got it loose.

    I give it a big thumbs up for functionality, looks, and price $139 (i think) hell , i've spilled that much in liquor some nites
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