On recommendation of one of the Swoard owners I purchased myself a Tooltonic edge file with rotofinish diamond file. The edge file set I own has the 200 diamond/milling file combo and the Rotofinish 400 diamond rotating stones. The standard diamond file is used to prepare the edges. The diamond file can remove damaged edges that still contain stone chips without being worn. Once one is certain that all stone debris is removed (filing the stone produces a different sound/feel), one can use the milling file to remove the large damaged pieces. The milling file makes a very neat cut with metal cuttings and a very clean cut being produced. Once these edges are prepared and clean, the rotofinish can be used to polish the edges to perfection. This tool most certainly produces an edge that warrants shoe goo on your gloves and learning the habit of carrying the board with the edges away from your jacket

At the ECS2011 I purchase a set of bottom files for my board with the bevel tools for the 0.5deg and 1deg bevel. I also purchased the 200/400 diamond file and the milling file. This makes it possible to produce the most exquisite edges!

Tooltonic files are not cheap, but the swiss craftsmanship most certainly make them one of the brands to own.