120 lbs
mondo 23.5 boot
bindings TD2's

Donek Freecarve 163 metal

Donek plate with UPM mount

Tried this out on Day 6 of SES. Freely admit that my legs were toast by the time I got on a plate, so I really can't give a fair review, but will offer a couple of impressions.

Thought it would be really weird to ride a plate, what with the added height and all, but found it to be amazingly not weird at all. The ride down to the lift felt like I was cruising plush carpet with comfy slippers on. Sweet! May have experienced a slight loss of board feel, but not much really. Did notice the added weight very much. I'm a light weight, and was tired - so the extra weight did feel like an issue anywhere other than in a carve.

Carving, I loved how the plate felt. It was late afternoon and the groomers were pretty chopped up by then - felt the plate took out the majority of pounding I had been experiencing from the chop. And the plate made it easy to go fast - probably too easy, given the condition of my legs. Would love to try this again with fresher legs, and on a board that I'm more familiar with....