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Thread: Princess Diaries, Chapter 2 - Coiler Classic

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    Princess Diaries, Chapter 2 - Coiler Classic

    120 lbs
    mondo 23.5 boots
    bindings: TD2's

    The board:
    Coiler Classic, built for 135 lb rider (I believe)
    18.5 waist
    9m SCR
    stance on this board: all the way forward on the inserts, 18.5" wide.

    Borrowed this board and rode it at SES for 1.5 days. The first day was a cold, sunny day on a bit of fresh over soft groom at Highlands. By afternoon things were a bit chopped up and lumpy, with plenty of deep trenches left by carvers jonesin' for some firm groom! I found this board to be super fun and easy! In the soft snow, it seemed happy at most any turn radius, felt stable at any speed I was willing to ride at and seemed to blast through the chop easily. 18.5 is slightly wider than I like, so transitions felt a bit slow, but still very doable. Had a super fun day on this board!

    The next morning was again cold and clear, with firmer groomers - finally! And I found I couldn't hook up a carve on this board to save my life. Toe side was challenging and heel sides kept chattering out. Probably could have improved this with some adjustment to binding placement, but finally figured out that I was just far exceeding the turn radius. This board is so much more stable at speed than my Stubette that I felt I should be able to do higher speed long radius turns, but on firmer snow it really was limited to its 9m SCR. When I finally went off by myself, slowed down and did smaller turns it behaved very nicely. I wouldn't want this particular board for firm groomer days, but think I would love one of these in a 12 or 13m SCR.
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