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Thread: Gear to loan

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    Gear to loan

    Please post in this thread if you have gear you are willing to loan out for free. Please include a description of the gear. Photos not necessary.

    Please DO NOT post in this thread if you are looking for gear. Contact any gear owners via email.

    Bomber Industries is not liable or responsible for loaned gear.
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    I live on Granite Peak, but, don't post here often. So use email.

    I have loaned equipment in the past and as my wife will attest, I may need a 12-step program for all the gear I have aquired.

    I have:

    Deeluxe Track 700 mondo 27 boots

    Various boards I could throw together from 160 to 170 range TD2 step-in with- Burton amp, Swoard, or a Rossi VAS that I won't care about.

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