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Thread: 2010 SG Full Race Pro Team 185

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    2010 SG Full Race Pro Team 185

    I had a chance to demo this board for a few days
    This is a f***ing man's board.

    If you're faint of heart, or weak in the wrist, don't bother.

    Very similar to the Kessler 185 - it's a race board, and Kessler is the one to catch. But in many way's I prefer this board for the type of riding I (like to) do. Here's why, in no particular order;
    • The SG board has far better build quality. Kessler's are very nice, but they seem like they are made by a guy a in a shed. And they are (there's nothing wrong with that). SG's are make in the Elan factory, and build quality and finish is as good as it gets. The board feels very beefy, solid and stable. Just the sound of the board on the snow is different. There is no metal top sheet - it's got a real top sheet w/ the metal buried to protect it.
    • The shape is more friendly to free carving. It's got slightly more turned up nose, about the same amount of rocker, seems to have slightly tighter radius in the nose - not so straight, and has more camber and a stiffer tail. More camber and a stiffer tail to me make the board have better edge hold after the apex of the turn and a bit more pop in turn transition.
    • The board is stiffer overall, but easier to ride. The nose seems stiffer, and flubbers around less w/ the same amount of rocker. The tail is stiffer, which I like and works for me. I have a bad habit of washing out the end of heel side turns. On my Kessler, the board will lose edge hold and chatter down hill. On the SG, when I lose the edge and fall on my a**, the board holds the edge and drags me across the hill.
    • The SG is more manageable and predictable. As free carvers, we make different turns than racers. The Kessler seeks the fall line and doesn't like to come across the hill naturally. On the SG, I found I could control the turn shape easier. Transitions were easier and smoother.
    Make no false assumptions - this is a full on World Cup Race Board. This is no weekend warrior all-mountain free-carver you can go out and just have fun on. It is demanding. You have to be on it. When asked of, it delviers. Once you get tired and lazy, it kicks your a**. After a couple days of riding it on everything from perfect groom, to choppy slop, to crud, in Beaver Creek and Aspen, I was pretty beat up and sore. But I loved every second of it. I just about cried when I gave it back to Bola.
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    Been meaning to post this for some time...

    Sigi's Sigi is one sweet ride! Didn't get to spend enough time on it, but every thing Snowman and I have said before holds true.

    One exception/correction - SG's - at least this one - are NOT stiffer than (my) Kessler. side by side scientific double blind triple control studies, basically us flexing the boards, reveal the SG is noticeabley softer than the Kessler. It's no gush pile, but a tad softer.

    Hopefully I'll get to take it for a spin again this season. And maybe even give it a little wangle dangle.

    I've also been enlightened to the fact the Kessler's are built in the Nidecker factory (is that correct? someone help me out here...). The custom ones are built by a guy in a shed on an alp.
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    Wink SG speed

    I just got a SG speed, did any one have experience on this board before. I will take it out this sat. for first time.
    I had hear good things about SG board.

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    Full race titanal
    Probably the best board I have ever ridden.
    Really predictive, stable and fast.
    Although, it needs more skill to ride it properly than a Prior or a Donek.
    You also need to be in shape, since it demands lots of work.

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    I'm a skier who discovered alpine snowboarding 11 years ago.
    I rode those boards:
    - Rossignol alpine FC 165 cm
    - Hot Blast (blue) 164 cm
    - Scott Strike 168 cm.

    This year I'm riding a SG Full Race Pro Team 185 cm with Vist plate and F2 step-in bindings. Despite very icy conditions in eastern Canada this year, I must say that this board is incredible. It is absolutely smooth. It's an anti-vibration board. It just loves high speed. It gives me a sense of confidence that I never experienced before on a snowboard. For the first time I feel as confident on a board as on my skis...

    It's more demanding but it gives you more in return. I realize that I was stalling in my technique with my Scott Strike. Now I feel that I can progress. I could carve I a way I wouldn't have thought possible. I just love it!


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    I got to ride the same 185 Full Race board as Snowman pictured above. Wow. I was a little scared from the reviews of it being a big/stiff race board but those fears were unfounded. I was comfortable after two turns on the first run, it just works with no drama or unexpected quirks. I had a freaking blast on this thing! It welcomed speed with open arms but could be easily bent into tighter arcs at medium speeds if you put a little work into it. It was pretty quiet/damp over bumps and dips but still gave you some of that satisfying pop out of one turn and into the next.

    I could have easily spent all day on it but I tried to follow the SES demo tent rules and not be a board hog. It was my favourite of all that I tried in the tent. It's still not a board for beginners as it makes pretty big radius turns unless you know how to bend a board, but anyone with an average skillset can have a ton of fun on the big SG. Don't let the 'Race' name or the 20m sidecut radius on the spec sheet scare you.

    FYI: I'm about 210 lbs and like to push boards around. Well, at least until my legs give out...

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    SG FullRaceTitanal185-2010
    It was so ... The first turn and lying. Second turn and once again lying. I wonder what the hell!? Third turn -I was won! It was love from the ,,third-turn". But I noticed that some talking about SG Full Race to become more of a back-rear weight on board. I moved the center of gravity to the rear - it was a great solution- no more problems with ride. Even on a very wet snow is doing great-probably by the shape of the nose and duck beak.
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