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Thread: The new G-Lab G force meter!

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    1,387 The new G-Lab G force meter!

    Bomber is now the distributing the G-Lab G force meter! This is a device we have wanted to see for quite some time. But what does it mean to the carver?

    Ever been bragging (or lying) with your buddies on the chair or bar about how hard you cranked that last set of turns? Or been in the middle of an incredible hard, long turn and your legs feel like they are going to collapse? Now you can quantify this and achieve the bragging rights you deserve! Or use it as a training tool to achieve a deeper trench!

    The G-Lab measures how many G's you pull on a carved turn. There are two values the G-Lab will show for this:

    • short duration reading - highest value G's pulled in a .25 second interval
    • long duration reading - highest value G's pulled in a .5 second interval

    Keep in mind this is a reading of G's OVER what you already feel on earth. For those geeks among us you already know we are always experiencing 1 G just standing. The G-Lab meter measures the Gs above this base value. That is why it starts at a value of zero.

    The G-Lab also has a third reading that is air time. Being a G meter it can measure how long it is NOT experiencing G's (i.e. free falling). You can test this by just zeroing the meter out and then through it in the air and catch it. The reading you will see in the air time.

    Keep in mind all these reading are the highest since you last reset the meter. So what we have found in testing is if you want to see what you pulled in a run you reset the meter, do the run, then look at the readings at the bottom of the hill. But of course, how you use it is up to you.

    During testing last Spring the famed Billy Bordy pulled a value of 1.15 Gs (.5 second reading) at Copper Mnt. The meter at the time did not have the short duration value of .25, but it would be easy to speculate that the .25 value could have been higher.

    The G-Lab is now available to buy on our website here: G-Lab Meter

    We will have a demo unit available to try at our shop in Silverthorne and we plan to have a few for demo at the 2010 Summit Expression Session in Aspen this February.

    Let us know if you have any questions or comments on this new device for carvers.
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