Wednesday: Yet Another Muddy Parking Lot Day

Up #1 and #2 at open. The top of #2 has much of the new blown off of it. It is flat and smooth but the ice underneath is apparent in places. Firecut is groomed 2/3 wide from the towers but is not at all flat. It must have been a moundy mess yesterday and just got one pass. Drifter and Turtle Creek are ok. Conditions in general are variable and inconsistent. Over on #6, Roulette is simultaneously soft in places and icy in others. Richard's is ok, but the hard underlayer is noticeable. Around 11:30 I hit Switchback and it didn't disappoint. By this time it was a little soft, but it was fine, despite showing a little bit of brown on the edges. Four carvers total plus a Blasphemer. Quite warm when I drove out at 12:45.