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Thread: Riding with other carvers

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    Riding with other carvers

    So I went riding last night at my local mountain. I don't really ride with to many carvers that much any more but it is great when I meet up with some of my buddies who can turn. Riding alone time and time again gets boring. I do ride with others but not often with people who can really turn. Last night I met up with one of my buddies riding a Donek 172 free carve. What a time I had riding with some one who can turn. Making figure 8's, ripping carves past people, catching a little air between carves and just laying out turns made the night one to remeber. It's funny how a little company makes riding so much more enjoyable, especially with people who can rip.

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    Very true. It's nice to push a little harder, see that other line, pick up a little inspiration, laugh, talk about riding with someone who gets it the same way you do, maybe take those extra couple of runs because even though the conditions aren't so good the company keeps you going.

    I met a RIPPIING softbooter a little while ago, we terrorized the slopes - me on my Madd, him on his K2. Good company.

    I'm sure I'll se you out again somethis year jt.

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    Riding with other carver friends that really rail is the best

    I am in training to become one of them

    On edge, all of the time...

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    I usually ride with skiers. But it's ok cause they're pretty good. I go alot with one of my co-workers and his family. His son is on the highschool ski team and he likes to lay it down. He actually gets pissed seein people pushing snow down the hill. My brother is pretty good. His girlfriend doesn't really carve as she just started this year, but it's suprising, she keeps up with us.
    I do wish I had another carver to relate to (Come on, Knoch!) but I've got the company, which helps alot.
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    Riding with other carvers is the best. Totally unbeatable. I think its comparable to flying jets side by side sometimes. Plus, its how I learn and how I'm able to push myself. I was out the other day with a Teleboard and he ripped. I wanna get one next season. He was doing pretty much fully laid out extreme carves.

    To the local guys out here, take a trip to wachusett now and you wont be disappointed. The usual mogul trail is perfect for carving since it has no moguls on it and is super wide. I couldn't believe a trail like that was right in my backyard.
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    Yep, i got to ride with oldvolvosrule last friday. it was my first day riding with another carver. that was cool, and I got something close to free lessons too

    that was an awesome day, lots of improvement for me

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    Definately, carving with others makes it much more fun and interesting!

    Like minds travel well together!

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    I'd love to have some other carvers to ride with around here, but I haven't met any yet (before Phil says anything I mean Whitetail or Liberty). I ride with a couple soft booters and a skier who can turn pretty well, but it's not the same. I'd also love to ride with someone who could help critic my form - my current crew has no idea what to look for.

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    Seriously serious about riding with Serious.

    I ride Whitetail now and again (Liberty is closest to me in Westminster, however, I haven't been there in years.) I'll probably be there Monday (29th) and would like to ride with you if at all possible. I offer no criticisms though (constructive of otherwise). Not my forte' - I ride purely on feel and have had no coaching. Like in golf, I tend to watch others that I appreciate and emulate the bio-mechanics on some intuitive level or another. I'm given to "overthinking" if if I start to itemize. i.e. "do this with that leg and keep your head like so, etc." I learned this about myself after so many pitching coaches when I played baseball. Wish I were more coachable.

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