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Thread: Rules and Guidelines for this Forum

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    Rules and Guidelines for this forum

    To All Carving Community Members

    We feel some basic ground rules for posting threads are needed:

    #1. Flaming, name-calling, or otherwise abusive behavior is inappropriate and is not within the spirit of this community. Attacking a BomberOnline member on a personal level is not allowed. If you have a gripe with someone, take it to e-mail.

    #2. Flame Wars are counter productive and serve no purpose. Any thread that is a Flame War in progress or any thread that may start (intentional or unintentional) Flame War will be either locked-out or deleted.

    #3. Racial slurs, excessive profanity, and sexual language will not be tolerated. Images which might be considered sexually provocative or offensive to others must not be posted nor referenced (hyperlinked). Please use your best judgment.

    #4. Please refrain from slandering or otherwise calling into disrepute other Carving Community members. It is not constructive to the community culture and will reflect poorly upon us as a group.

    #5. Purely political or religious threads are prohibited. This community is already too small to be subdivided into left, right, and center. Snowboarding threads that become political or religious will be closely monitored, and tolerated only if the discussion is somewhat relevant to snowboarding. If you feel the need for a political statement, we suggest going to one of these sites: or

    #6. We realize that some members will be less technically inclined than others. However, if possible, please do a search of the Forum first before asking basic questions. Odds are your question has been asked before.

    #7. You are only allowed to register ONE user name and you are not allowed to register with the intent to falsely impersonate someone. This should be basic knowledge, but apparently some people still need a refresher on this. Doing so will result in being warned, spanked, banned for a period of time, or banned indefinitely.

    #8. The forum managers and moderators are present to ensure the smooth operation of this community. They do this on a volunteer basis because of their love of alpine snowboarding; please respect their contribution. Remember that we are not here to try and assert authority over anyone.

    #9. This is a private web community. You are a member here because you offer something of particular value to the hardboot community. Please, please make an effort to keep these forums an enjoyable experience for each and every member, regardless of their age, gender, race, or apparent technical prowess.

    #10. Any off-line attacks or issues with Bomber Industries the company, its owners, or its employees may result is being removed from the forum. We also reserve the right to remove/edit any threads that point to another forum/thread that is slanderous.

    #11. Cross the line on any of the above rules and guidlines and you may be banned from this forum.

    Remember folks, this is all for fun, entertainment, and education! And use your best judgment.
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