Log book JDMFB edit please.

Still running the JDMFBSOGFYS with the bindings.

The boots on the otha hand, need to be documented by someone other than my therapist.

Front foot: 1.5 of outward cant, heel lift pads under the foot bed, no grinding fit like a glove.

Rear foot: no canting, heel lift pads under the foot bed, and the #8 forward lean heal wedge. a couple trips to Richelsons for some light grinder work. Contemplating locking out the forward lean mechanism.

The bad new is, after finally getting some good hard days in them on some steep terrain, I cracked one shell after the toe box on my rear foot. So Dalbello is sending me a new pair this week, so I can break in another pair for the 2nd half of the season The good news is they let me keep my liners and foot beds.

Also, this saturday I rented MO the Clown from 5-6, for Mack's B-day party. If any of you GOon clowns want to come and suck down some whiskey, and heckle this guy with Mojo and I your more than welcome.