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January 28th, 2005, 12:40 PM
In response the discussion started on the classifieds on Virus boards and eBay I have moved us over here.

The best part about dealing with Germans is that the majority speak/write English better than we do. So in many cases if you just ask them a question via the eBay "Ask seller a question link" they will respond with whether or not they want to deal with shipping and other issues.
This particular board went for $536 once s&h was added the price would have still only been $666 (hopefully you're not superstitious). That would be a great deal on a Virus board that was only used 4 times, but to consider you're also getting a pair of Proflex Intecs to go with it, it was a great buy.
I am hoping that with the excitement of Ray, Chris, Kamran, on Virus boards that at some point we might all get a chance to score some deals on used boards.
I am not independently wealthy so paying the $1200-$1500 for a new Virus board (even if it was made specifically for me) would get me a new address (one without a wife, kid, or roof)
But I might be able to sneak one through for $600 or so if I consider getting a board and bindings.
Also I read in other posts about boots that there are some Bomber folk who would agree to be a translator for German/English buying scenarios. Probably a search on this forum for eBay would find them.
Good Luck to all and please post any wins.

Chris Houghton
January 28th, 2005, 02:54 PM
I thought of persuing this also, but dealing with individuals at such a great distance is just a little scary. Certainly it depends on the individual seller, and if you can confirm with him that he is willing to ship, and you are willing to take the risk, then maybe it's worth the gamble. Now if we knew someone in Germany that could but for us and ship over, then hey that's a great idea! Also, watch very carefully if you do go ahead and bid, some of the Viruses (Viri?) are very old, and some are scary short. Caveat emptor.