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big canuck
February 14th, 2010, 03:53 PM
This stick is SO underated. I just bought a "used" one from a BOL member and took it out with fairly high hopes as I've had these in the past and always liked them. I've probably tried 50 different boards over the past 7 years and this an all time favorite for certain for my style of riding.

Its kicks ass, insanley confident edge hold, super dynamic coming out of turns (will put you in the trees if you're not "on it") I bought the FC1 with the 18 cm waist and its really easy edge to edge.

Its not a race board and I don't think it does what a metal board does (not neccasarily a bad thing) but holy crap is it a ton of fun.

I haven't had a first day on a new board since last year when I got my orig Madd that made me freak out like this. For a free carver guy its a board a person should buy without hesitation IMO

You could not take the smile off my face, I was killing it (in my mind:biggthump)

I've had several Olympic Doneks in the past for longer periods and the durability is all there.

Thanks again Sean, the FC1 Olympic is a super sweet board.

2 BIG thumbs up.