View Full Version : Burton 3D round 6 degree cant plate.

March 9th, 2007, 08:05 PM
As the title says: 6 degree Burton 3D cant plate with the 3 factory mounting bolts included.

This will only work with the 3D insert pattern, unless, of course, you have the four hole insert. The aluminum insert pops out and can be replaced with the 4 hole unit (which I do not have).

This unit has a 6" diameter so the footprint it makes on the board is smaller, which is nice, but the footprint of your binding is larger than 6"...so as long as the base of your binding does not exceed a whopping 9" (that's to be safe it could probably handle 10"), the front of your binding will not contact the board even if running it straight up the board. Make any sense?

$20US shipped to anywhere in Canada and lower 48. Pickup available in Vancouver area for $20CAD.