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Featured Rider
Featured Rider

We talk about the Bomber Community a lot, so we want to take a minute and highlight some of our members. Welcome to the Rider Spotlight, where we’ll be featuring a different member of the Alpine Snowboard community every few weeks. Congrats to our first Canadian in the spotlight, Corey Dyck!

Photo compliments of Riceball (Steve Recsky)

Corey lives in the prairies of central Canada, near Winnipeg, Manitoba with his wife and daughter.  He started snowboarding in 1987; hiking up any little hills he could find to get a few seconds of sliding.  After many years, he was disillusioned with the spinning/flipping side of the sport – not to mention a number of injuries.  Then he found a little website called Bomber OnLine through some random web link.  A new passion was born!

Corey’s favorite parts of alpine snowboarding:

Fun. It’s fun sliding on snow.  A carving board makes groom almost as much fun as powder.

G-force.  He loves racing cars in the summer, and alpine lets him pull even more Gs throughout the winter.

Tech stuff.  There are many technical sides to the sport, from geeking out over equipment options to efficient and effective body motions.


Tech Specs

Home Mountain: Asessippi, Manitoba (but he logs more vertical feet in Aspen for a week of SES/ATC than he does at home for the rest of the year!)

Years in Hardboots: 11

Boots: UPZ RC-10 with FinTec heels

Bindings: Bomber TD3 Step-In SideWinders

Board Quiver

Coiler:  Angry 160, VSR 167, EC 175, NSR 182

Donek: Proteus 170, Proteus 180

Madd 158 (oh the coveted board!)

Original Sin 3800 169

Skwal USA 171

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