Bomber in Transition
Bomber in Transition
Bomber in Transition

When we moved Bomber to Aspen over Memorial Day weekend, we had no idea how much stuff we were really acquiring. Jim and I currently live in what could be qualified as one of those new all-the-rage tiny houses: a sub 700-square foot apartment above a garage. We’ve lived here for five years; it’s on a little 4 acre homesteading farm about 15 miles outside of Aspen, and we love it.

Until 5 tons of inventory joined us in our teeny abode. Our neighbors were kind enough to lend us a garage bay for a few months…and I thought everything would easily fit into it. WRONG! Thank goodness we decided to acquire the Bomber Bus prematurely, because it is currently home to all of your beloved Deeluxe boots, TD3 bindings, Fin Tecs, and Power Plates!


Jim attempting to track down TD3 Standards inside the Bomber Bus

Needless to say, filling over 40 orders – which was way more than we were expecting from a mid-summer sale, thank you! – was quite the task. Thank you for bearing with us, as it took us a little longer than we anticipated to track down everything from a pair of TD3 Standards to heel pads, board bags, and the ever elusive SB cuff cant replacement.


Foster overseeing the mailing operations.



Orders, orders orders!

Luckily – for us, for you, and for Bomber – we are moving in September! You can rest assured your order turnaround time will be much improved once we are sprawled out in the large house situated right next door to our apartment! It has worked out quite well that, in theory, we don’t really have to move everything twice. Well, I keep telling myself that since it’s technically on the same property where we live now and will be living, but let’s be honest – we have a whole lot of moving and reorganizing to do. Just ’cause it ain’t getting loaded into a truck and driven somewhere, doesn’t mean we’re still not moving it….AGAIN!

We’re very excited to unpack and get things dialed in once Bomber lands in it’s new home on the lower level of our new home. We’ll have space to entertain you, have carving movie nights, and take Bomber to new and great things. We’re even going to give you a chance to come and see the new Bomber HQ during SES, so you don’t want to miss out on the event of the year!

We look forward to seeing you in Aspen and at the newly re-opened Bomber HQ very soon.

Did I mention I’ll be happy to get my kitchen table back? And my coffee table, extra desk, floor of the office, stairs……

You get the picture 🙂


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